Noida Scientist Wins DRDO Prize For AI-Based Facial Recognition

Noida Scientist Wins DRDO Prize For AI-Based Facial Recognition

A scientist from a private college in Noida has been awarded the primary prize in a competition organized by the Defense Analysis and Development Organization (DRDO) for his idea, which is primarily aimed at ascertaining the identity of a person based on physical parameters. may help, whether the face is a ceiling or in a dark house, her college noted Tuesday.

Dr. Shivani Verma from Amity Institute of House Science and Know-How (AISST) presented a revolutionary idea “AI-based detection of a person primarily based on physiological parameters”, which is the “Dare to Dream 2.0” innovation of DRDO.

Received prizes within the competition. . According to the results announced recently on the DRDO website, Dr Verma is among the five high prize winners in the individual category of the competition, which is responsible for research and development of the country’s defense forces.

His idea develops on a clever inference recognition system based primarily on a person’s physical parameters with extreme accuracy of identification, giving it an edge in situations where biometric and facial recognition applied sciences are found to be inadequate. .

Amity College said, “This is a revolutionary answer, which envisages the fusion of parameters such as skeletal cognition, gait, facial recognition and motion parameters to identify where the person is moving in the dark house.” ”

“Any form of disguise, whether it is a deliberate limp, covering of a face or manipulating fingerprints, does not help the antisocial parts escape. It can actually be a correct guessing strategy to trace a person by intelligence companies, defense organizations, police and many others.

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