“Bangkok Airways” embraces digital technology to support work

“Bangkok Airways” embraces digital technology to support work

Communications networks and digital information are the linchpins helping Bangkok Airways to have the ability to cope with the enormous problem of airline enterprise within the outbreak, thus adapting the group and its continuous IT technology development to maintain the best of service requirements. equally important. Well of this airline.

Tanat Chhayapol, Director of IT Infrastructure at Bangkok Airways Public Firm Restricted, revealed the company’s imaginative and presentation of the digital transformation until Bangkok Airways was able to quickly reimagine the enterprise and the mindset of its employees.

“One of the many key components in digital transformation is the choice of a communication community from great, regular, secure and versatile companies to meet the group’s core IT goals, which aim to create a remote working mannequin for workers. Have a plan, work from wherever you can. ”

Tenet emphasized that the company is repeatedly optimizing its operations by using software programs and other elements similar to using collaboration tools, while at the same time accommodating the mindset of employees for any location.

Resolve to optimize the task and know the operation of the task. Thus, when disaster has started and the pandemic results in social distancing measures and employees doing business from home, our preparedness is helpful because we are prepared and equipped with the necessary equipment to help our employees. Can work in coordination and information transmission in audio, visual, and other complex duties within anywhere immediately.

“Prior to the transition from mannequins to work anywhere, we studied the educational curve and concluded that employees could adapt to remote work immediately. They also self-learned, got along quickly, and without We were able to rapidly incorporate technology into our work like regular training times.

The graph shows an increase in the use of software programs, programs, utilities and tools similar to IT related tasks. All success is due to our swift administration in company communications. The result is what allows us to advance the venture within the new regular period.”

In addition to accommodating the type of work, Bangkok Airways adapts communications equipment and equipment to work on IT networks, such as adjusting landline telephones to perform additional work on collaboration devices or software programs so that employees to be able to speak and work anywhere and anytime.

Additionally, other communication modifications include the adoption of walkie talkie radio functionality within the airport to run on the same collaboration equipment and software programs to successfully optimize voice communication over the community system.

Bangkok Airways has confirmed some of its most interesting with awards like the Superbrands Thailand Award in 2017 and 2018, the Skytrax 2019 World Airline Awards, and the Thailand Greatest Employer Model Awards 2020 (Airline and Aviation) from the World HRD Congress.

These coveted awards are the reason why the group must continue to advance in every aspect within the strategic adaptation to use digital technology, which can serve the change in a time that is achieved once everyone travels again. able to. Vaccination.

Tenet emphasized {that a good community can be at the heart of enterprise operations; therefore Bangkok Airways selected nationwide telecommunications public firm Restrict (NT) to be a part of our community service suppliers to drive supplies to our privileged customers. Offers free WiFi lounge service at major airports including Samui Airport, Krabi Airport, Phuket Airport, Suvarnabhumi Airport, Chiang Mai Airport and Sukhothai Airport, as well as.

Subsequently, the communication community should be able to offer a stable and environmentally friendly service 24 hours a day.

At the same time, we use eco-friendly information communication network for the working area to provide seamless and high security connectivity on the service below and to help each workplace work and work from any location .

With an environmentally friendly communications community, security can be very difficult as the Worldwide Civil Aviation Group (ICAO) outlines cyber security in general. Next, the soundness and security of the aviation information community is important and that’s why we have now mentioned with NT about the intensive service on cyber security.

“Due to NT to get our enterprise through strong times when airlines face disaster and so we felt that NT is our valued partner to help us drive our enterprise and adapt rapidly to the digital age. does,” Thanet concluded.

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